Do project managers today manage people or mange technology? Project Managers manage people and not technology. As this project progresses, the project manager will verify the project deliverables against the original scope. In addition, the project manager should serve as a mediator between the business and the developing team. All activities should be checked in the Gantt chart and Project Manager. The Project Scope Management Plan provides all the information for the Project Management and ensures that the scope will be verified. It also gives guidance on how project scope will be managed. Another crucial element is giving the deliverables that are presented to ensure that they are completed. The Project Manager must verify these deliverables are those items that have been finished. However, upon the end of implementation phase, closing a project becomes a necessary point. Closing a project requires careful analysis and often misunderstood from a project management standpoint. This paper will discuss some of the project closures that are challenging for project management.2.Which type of conflicts can exist at any time in any life cycle phase?In Agile, financial discrepancies can be a huge factor. Often times in a project, expectations are not met that are defined in scope and the WBS. Thus, creating contingency strategies is pivotal towards executing a successful project. One of the most pivotal contingency strategy is to have a high incremental cost of resources. Resources are often less expensive when they are bought in bulk, but expensive if they are purchased incrementally. Hence, it is critical to have software and other resources purchased in bulk to avoid paying extra money. Another key strategy is to have collaborative sessions on a day-to-day basis. Often times the project falls behind because individuals are not aware of unexpected circumstances that can occur. Keeping in track with their progress on day to day basis can be truly helpful in the long run. This become problematic as the project due date comes closer since many smaller tasks may not be captured in the WBS itself. One of the biggest concerns for closing a project is the end the finer details of the store. This becomes more problematic the project does not achieve optimal results. This is where the project may fall. For instance, The Project Manager should produce confirmation from the Senior User or User Group that the final product or outcome of the project meets the acceptance criteria.Another fact to be incognizant of are budget discrepancies. Budget discrepancies are one of the most difficult challenges to deal with when closing down a project because PMs must ensure that they close their projects without any discrepancies. Understanding the segmentation of financials is hectic because it requires signatures, higher authority decisions and collaboration. In midst of the project, most managers forget that budget discrepancies in the beginning can accumulate to be problematic at the end. This not only creates chaos in the project, but diminishes quality, resources and time. Works Cited10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management. (n.d.). 10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management. Retrieved May 25, 2014, from Project+. (n.d.). Project management certification, certification. Retrieved May 25, 2014, from, G. (2002). Project management. New York: McGraw-Hill.Lock, D. (2007). Project management (9th ed.). Aldershot, England: Gower.Tutorials Point Simply Easy Learning. (n.d.). Project Risk Management. Retrieved May 25, 2014, from