1 Water should be privatized rather than made a public good 2 Water should be piped out of the Great Lakes to provide to waterrestricted states

te more social gains such as increased coverage and quality but on the other side, it creates low political benefits such as loss of employments as well as hiked prices (Mandri- Perrott 24). US has enjoyed abundant supply of water for the last half of 20C but considering the rate of poor water management practices as well as the persistent droughts, these privilege will surely last for a short time. As much as future generations will demand more water systems, climate change predicts to decrease the currently available supplies. A Government Accountability survey of the Unites states found out that water managers in 36 states are likely to face water shortages during the first two decades of this century. A sustainable approach to using water resources is the only remedy to ensure regulation of water usage besides ensuring supply of quality water to Americans. The remedy to this critical water situation may just be the privatisation of water sources instead of making it a public good (Mandri-Perrott 24).As much as others may claim that water is a natural resource and should not be economic, they are wrong because the same water faces the forces of economics such as supply and demand. Despite the fact that God gives water freely for all humanity, water has to go through various economic processes such as collection, management, processing, treating as well as packaging of drinking water( Frerot 104). In addition, to supply this water to the Americans, there has to be installation of expensive systems of reservoirs, channels, treatment plants as well as pipes. Those who claim that providing clean water by the government is a responsibility duty fail to understand that the government has to invest a lot (Frerot 104). The government cannot afford the investment needed in ensuring removal of dirty wastewater and human wastes in sanitation systems hence making privatization necessary (Mandri-Perrott 24).Water is a limited natural resource and humankind should